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Jul 28, 2013

ACTIVITY IDEA -- Make Your Own Sensory Tubes!

ACTIVITY IDEA -- Make Your Own Sensory Tubes!

I saw similar sensory tubes at a local library recently, which were incredibly expensive. I set out to make my own for much less and it took less than 10 minutes to put these together! I ordered plastic mailing tubes and included objects we already had at home. I was able to create both auditory and visual experience by using dried beans in one and small pieces of various colored tissue paper in the other. 

Making your own not only saves money, but also allows you to customize them to include items that interest your child. You can basically include anything as the tubes are sealed tightly (though you'll want to supervise your child when playing with them to be safe, especially if you're including small objects).

Other ideas to explore:  bells, feathers, rice, packing peanuts, glitter, scarves, small balls, colorful beads, dried pasta, etc. And, of course, you can skip the tubes all together and recycle water bottles and seal them up. The possibilities are endless! 

So, what is your child learning?

  • Cause & Effect: When you turn the tube, the items move or make a noise. This is teaching your child that he or she has control over his or her environment and has the ability to make things happen. 
  • Sensory Explortation: Young children learn through their senses. The sensory tubes provide auditory and/or visual input depending on what you create! Include different items and the sounds will change or the rate of movement of the objects will vary.
  • Interactive Play: Take turns rolling, shaking, or turning the tubes upside down. Play peek-a-boo through the clear plastic or see what happens when you each have one and bang them together! Toys provide an avenue, but the real learning happens through interaction with others.

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